Baking, Kittens, Shopping, & Fitness!

Happy Monday!

As you know, I did a lot of baking for our party on Saturday. I made bunches of cupcakes but forgot to mention that I also made rice crispy treats!


Plus egg-free chocolate chip cookie dough?

Equals Love Veggies & Yoga inspired chocolate chip cookie dough stuffed rice crispy treats!

Butterscotch chip topped treats!

I didn’t try any of the rice crispy treats but they looked and smelled delish!

For the cupcakes, I stayed pretty basic with mini vanilla, chocolate, and marbled cupcakes but then got a little creative and went with making some s’mores cupcakes.

The golden vanilla cupcake recipe from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World can be found here and the chocolate recipe can be found here.

Along with the desserts I made, my uncle Bobby brought this gorgeous cake for my mom’s birthday which is this week!

People also brought pies and cookies so there was no shortage of sugar around here!

Anyway, yesterday kitten #1 (also known as Paws) was brought to her new home!

Adios cutie-pie!

At least I’m left with one adorable little nugget:

She goes by the names Thumper, Nugget, Chloe, and Phoebe thus far… What would you name her?

Now, let’s talk about shopping! It’s no surprise that I love a good deal so when my mom and I were out picking things up for the party on Friday we popped into Fashion Bug. It’s not a place we typically shop at but we figured we had nothing to lose by poking around in there.

It turns out that almost ALL of their summer shoes were on sale for FIVE DOLLARS. I thought $6.00 flats from Target couldn’t be beat but I scored these adorable wedges and a pair of silver flip-flops! Seriously, between the two of us we bought four pairs of shoes for $20.00. Talk about a deal.

In addition to shoes on Friday, I picked up this Threads for Thought sustainable apparel top for $4.99 yesterday.

I was actually on a mission to find peanut flour (which was a failed mission) but found this top at Natur-Tyme instead. No complaints here!

Along with the top I picked up a fudgsicle and a Zevia cream soda.


So I’ve talked about baking, kittens, and shopping… Now I’ll talk about fitness! Yesterday morning I completed a very hilly 3 mile run before heading out to do my shopping. When I came back I completed day 5 of week 1 of Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30! I am loving this DVD so far. I am excited to move on to week 2!

After my workout, I snacked on an UltraMeal rice bar:

It contains 12g of rice protein and 6g of fiber! I wasn’t expecting much but I actually thought it was really good! Protein bars are expensive though, so I might have to come up with a recipe… Stay tuned!

Emily ❤

Question: What’s the best deal you’ve found lately? 


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