Things I Love Thursday XXVIII.

Say what? Yeah, it’s been a good month since I’ve done a Things I Love Thursday post, but I’m feeling it today so why not?

❤ Running the trails at Green Lakes
❤ Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30
❤ Breakfasts (This is huge, I used to be an avid breakfast-skipper!)
Disney’s Oswald
❤ Instagram
❤ Sparkling coconut water
❤ This video of Anderson Cooper covering Depardieu’s public urination on a plane (it seems stupid at first but you’ll be laughing by the end!)
❤ My new Thread For Thought tanks
❤ My new shoes!
Underwater restaurant
❤ The baby kitten
❤ Bouquets of Queen Anne's Lace
❤ Taking the dog for walks
NYC Walk
❤ Family & Friends
❤ Baking!

Emily ❤

Question: What has been making you smile?


2 responses to “Things I Love Thursday XXVIII.

  1. my job! i’ve been loving it 🙂

  2. Peanut butter makes me smile 🙂

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