Waffles & Wegmans

Do you know what today is? It’s national waffle day. And the weirdest thing is that yesterday I was craving waffles and swore I’d make them for breakfast today. I didn’t find out that it’s national waffle day until about 4:00 this afternoon via a Tropical Traditions tweet.

Amazing, huh?

My inner foodie subconscious knew today was the perfect day for waffles! (I used this recipe and topped with half a sliced banana and pure maple syrup.)

Later in the morning I went for a nice and easy 3 mile recovery run. I definitely needed to take it easy after yesterday. My mom and I then went shopping for back to school stuff…

I’m mainly concerned about hygiene and feeding myself, everything else such as my bedding, binders, etc. can all be recycled from last year!

I hate to admit that I bailed on my Jillian Michaels workout today but truth be told I’m not really sorry. I instead went out to dinner at Wegmans (yeah, we’re fancy) with this guy:

I don’t regret not getting in that workout because I ran this morning and spending time with friends before going off to school is much more important to me than fitting in a 2nd workout.

Oh, and sharing coconut milk cookie dough ice cream for dessert didn’t hurt either.


I think I made the right decision.

Emily ❤

Question: Ever forgo a workout in favor of something more worthwhile?


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