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Busy Bee

Sorry I’ve been neglecting to post these past few days. I’ve been busy busy busy!

Of course the only photos my suitemates and I ever manage take are when we decide to go out and have fun, so all of our Facebook pages look like we’re raging party animals. I promise it isn’t so! We’re all extremely dedicated to our academics, internships/jobs, on-campus activities, and health/fitness.

With that being said though, we do know how to have fun!

Updates on my life:
-I’m finally getting over an awful week-long cold.
-I had a pain au chocolat and an iced coffee with organic milk from Pret a Manger today before I went in to work (totally not vegan and I’m okay with it).
-My running mileage has dropped to 2-3 miles a day but I’m walking around the city way more.
-My internship and classes are going really well! We had our first seminar today which is where all the students that are getting credit for their internships meet and discuss what they’re doing/learning etc. It was super interesting and the best part is that it’s with my favorite professor!
-The Spanish city that I will be studying in during my semester abroad got changed from Salamanca to Seville! That’s very exciting news!
-The premier of Pan Am has me convinced that it will become a Sunday obsession of mine. Seriously, it was so good!

Emily ❤

Question: How was your weekend and how has your week been so far? Did you watch Pan Am?


Things I Love Thursday XXX.

I’m feeling super sick and physically and emotionally exhausted and the last thing I really want to do is talk about what I’ve been loving this past week. But I have really had an amazing week and I have a lot to be thankful for so I definitely want to write it all down!

❤ My new internship
❤ Meeting Governor Haley Barbour
❤ Luncheons
❤ Paul Stuart
❤ Bergdorf Goodmans
❤ The Ritz-Carlton
❤ Meeting President George W. Bush
❤ Governor Tom Keane
❤ President Kwasniewski
❤ President Uribe
❤ President Saakashvilli
❤ Being chauffeured in a black Cadillac Escalade
❤ Staying grounded
❤ Century 21
❤ Realizing that life has ups and downs and will never be perfect
Three Sisters Marshmallow Oaties
❤ The beauty of family
❤ My amazing friends
❤ Friends the show
❤ Whole Foods sunshine muffins
❤ Being kind
Organic fair-trade Theo chocolate
❤ Running (although I haven't ran in a few days #sorryimnotsorry)

Emily ❤

Question: What has been making you smile?

I Wish I Could…

…Tell you all about my internship! Technically I probably could, but for safety reasons I’m not going to.

I will say that I felt like I was floating on a cloud from how amazing my day was on Tuesday. If you ask me about it though, I will definitely tell you (as long as you’re not some weird creeper).

On a less happy note, my Uncle Tommy passed away after a long and courageous battle against cancer. The yellow M&M is in his honor.

Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened. —Dr. Seuss

Emily ❤

Question: Anything extremely exciting happen in your life lately? Anything unfortunate?

Lessons From Toga Night

Lessons learned from last night’s toga party:

-Your college experience is incomplete until you’ve attended a toga party.

-Britney Spears and Ke$ha are best to listen to while getting ready.
-Do your hair and makeup before you put the toga on.

-Don’t use your sheet. Bigger scarves work really well to make cute togas.
-With that being said, try to avoid being too revealing. Just because it’s a frat party doesn’t mean you can’t look classy.

-Make sure you have safety pins handy and wear spandex underneath to prevent previously mentioned skin-showing.

-Make sure suitemates have phones, ids, and keys at all times.
-Take lots of pictures even if you only end up staying for a little while. You want to document how amazing you and your friends looked in your scarf-togas!

(Photos thanks to Danielle!)

Emily ❤

Question: Ever been to a toga party? What tips do you have?

Nonstop Day

My day was completely non-stop from 6:00am until about 9:00pm.

5:45am- Unintentionally wake up
6:00am- Can’t fall back asleep
6:15am- Drink coffee and watch the news
7:00am- Gym time! 3 mile run
7:45am- Shower & get ready
8:30am- Make oatmeal
8:50am- Run out the door
9:05am- Theology
10:40am- Art
12:15pm- Run to the bus
12:30pm- Hop on the subway
1:00pm- Arrive at internship
2:00pm- Work
2:15pm- Eat Banana Walnut Flavor & Fiber bar (aka a poor substitute for lunch)
3:00pm- Starve/Work
4:00pm- Work
5:00pm- Leave work and emerge into a city that changed from summer to fall in a matter of hours
5:05pm- Freeze while walking to the subway
5:35pm- Get off subway and wait for bus
5:45pm- Wait for the bus
6:00pm- Still waiting for the bus
6:10pm- Finally on a bus
6:30pm- Get dropped off near campus (but not really because it was a limited bus)
6:40pm- Run to room to change into sweats
6:45pm- Head to dining hall to scarf down a salad/study
7:00pm- Go to 2nd theology class of the day
8:30pm- Finally come back to the room
8:35pm- Phone call with mom
8:45pm- Devour apple pie with Danielle
9:00pm- Is it bedtime yet?

By the way, here’s what I wore to work today:

Grey pants from Express, a top from Victoria’s Secret, and black patent leather heels from Kohls along with my unpictured Michael Kors bag. Please just ignore the creeper smile.

Now if you’ll excuse me, some fluffy pillows are calling my name.

Emily ❤

Question: Did you have a busy day?

The Best Day

Just popping in to say today was the best day I’ve had in a long time! Probably the best day since my half-marathon.

It was my first day at my internship and long story short, it was way beyond what I expected. If you want the details you’ll have to ask!

Emily ❤

Question: Have you ever had days so good you had to pinch yourself to make sure you weren’t dreaming? That was my day today.

The Birthday Girl

After coming back from dinner with my sister at Whole Foods Sunday night, I realized I have the most amazing roommates ever!

They decorated me and Jess’s rooms  for our birthdays (her’s was the 11th) while we were gone!

Besides the roomies, I have the best friends anyone could ever ask for.

Remember these two?

They baked me a vegan apple pie!

Photography skills credited to @SabinoCurcio

It was beyond delicious!

Overall, my birthday was a pretty typical day. I went for a 3 mile run in the morning, showered and ate breakfast with Danielle P, then went to my theology and art classes. For lunch, Danielle H. ordered us Chinese food (I got eggplant and broccoli in garlic sauce, yum)! Thank you girl! Which was followed by a slice of apple pie with Lizzy. I had to go to a student government meeting from 5-7 and go to another theology class from 7:10-8:35, but I still had an amazing day! Thank you so much to everyone who wished me a happy birthday! And thanks to my parents for sending me a card and check! I love you guys!

Now before I leave you, here’s a quick recap of the weekend in photos:

BBQ photos courtesy of @MerKenyon

Emily ❤

Question: Have you celebrated any birthdays recently? How was your weekend?