Nonstop Day

My day was completely non-stop from 6:00am until about 9:00pm.

5:45am- Unintentionally wake up
6:00am- Can’t fall back asleep
6:15am- Drink coffee and watch the news
7:00am- Gym time! 3 mile run
7:45am- Shower & get ready
8:30am- Make oatmeal
8:50am- Run out the door
9:05am- Theology
10:40am- Art
12:15pm- Run to the bus
12:30pm- Hop on the subway
1:00pm- Arrive at internship
2:00pm- Work
2:15pm- Eat Banana Walnut Flavor & Fiber bar (aka a poor substitute for lunch)
3:00pm- Starve/Work
4:00pm- Work
5:00pm- Leave work and emerge into a city that changed from summer to fall in a matter of hours
5:05pm- Freeze while walking to the subway
5:35pm- Get off subway and wait for bus
5:45pm- Wait for the bus
6:00pm- Still waiting for the bus
6:10pm- Finally on a bus
6:30pm- Get dropped off near campus (but not really because it was a limited bus)
6:40pm- Run to room to change into sweats
6:45pm- Head to dining hall to scarf down a salad/study
7:00pm- Go to 2nd theology class of the day
8:30pm- Finally come back to the room
8:35pm- Phone call with mom
8:45pm- Devour apple pie with Danielle
9:00pm- Is it bedtime yet?

By the way, here’s what I wore to work today:

Grey pants from Express, a top from Victoria’s Secret, and black patent leather heels from Kohls along with my unpictured Michael Kors bag. Please just ignore the creeper smile.

Now if you’ll excuse me, some fluffy pillows are calling my name.

Emily ❤

Question: Did you have a busy day?


2 responses to “Nonstop Day

  1. What happened to ‘Things I Love Thursday?’ Hope you’re asleep by now.
    Love you.

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