Lessons From Toga Night

Lessons learned from last night’s toga party:

-Your college experience is incomplete until you’ve attended a toga party.

-Britney Spears and Ke$ha are best to listen to while getting ready.
-Do your hair and makeup before you put the toga on.

-Don’t use your sheet. Bigger scarves work really well to make cute togas.
-With that being said, try to avoid being too revealing. Just because it’s a frat party doesn’t mean you can’t look classy.

-Make sure you have safety pins handy and wear spandex underneath to prevent previously mentioned skin-showing.

-Make sure suitemates have phones, ids, and keys at all times.
-Take lots of pictures even if you only end up staying for a little while. You want to document how amazing you and your friends looked in your scarf-togas!

(Photos thanks to Danielle!)

Emily ❤

Question: Ever been to a toga party? What tips do you have?

5 responses to “Lessons From Toga Night

  1. Yes…back in the day!
    Our togas were mostly white sheets. I don’t recall any toga malfunctions, but it was a long time ago. Glad you had fun.

  2. Would you believe I went to a toga party 100 years ago when tuition was $300.00 for a semester at SU. Love You!!

  3. I’m sorry, no pictures here. Not many cameras around then. Really!!

  4. My brother just sent me a picture of him at a toga party – I never went to one in college 😦

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