Busy Bee

Sorry I’ve been neglecting to post these past few days. I’ve been busy busy busy!

Of course the only photos my suitemates and I ever manage take are when we decide to go out and have fun, so all of our Facebook pages look like we’re raging party animals. I promise it isn’t so! We’re all extremely dedicated to our academics, internships/jobs, on-campus activities, and health/fitness.

With that being said though, we do know how to have fun!

Updates on my life:
-I’m finally getting over an awful week-long cold.
-I had a pain au chocolat and an iced coffee with organic milk from Pret a Manger today before I went in to work (totally not vegan and I’m okay with it).
-My running mileage has dropped to 2-3 miles a day but I’m walking around the city way more.
-My internship and classes are going really well! We had our first seminar today which is where all the students that are getting credit for their internships meet and discuss what they’re doing/learning etc. It was super interesting and the best part is that it’s with my favorite professor!
-The Spanish city that I will be studying in during my semester abroad got changed from Salamanca to Seville! That’s very exciting news!
-The premier of Pan Am has me convinced that it will become a Sunday obsession of mine. Seriously, it was so good!

Emily ❤

Question: How was your weekend and how has your week been so far? Did you watch Pan Am?


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