Things I Love Thursday XXXI.

❤ Today's 5×400 workout
❤ "Let's become nuns." #manproblems
❤ Rm Fifty5
❤ Country music with the roomies
❤ Waterproof mascara
❤ Story time: ghost edition
❤ Art class
Advice for young girls
❤ Rome, Seville, Paris (my study abroad rotation!)
❤ Photobooth pics
❤ Walking around the city in the morning
❤ Bus rides to and from NJ
❤ A Whole New World
❤ New Michael Kors heels
❤ Cinnamon pita chips
❤ Taking and editing photos
❤ Plans to go back to an iPhone (which means more pics on here, yay!)

Emily ❤

Question: What have you been loving?


One response to “Things I Love Thursday XXXI.

  1. i’ve been loving skype! so i can keep in touch with my baby brother!

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