Things I Love Thursday XXXII.

Hi. It’s me, Emily. Just a friendly reminder in case you forgot who writes this blog.

Also, I realize it’s Friday and I’m posting a Things I Love Thursday. Rebellious, I know.

❤ Horoscopes
❤ Fabulous nights
❤ Grey nail polish
❤ Quick paces
❤ Jack Johnson radio
❤ Singing in the car
❤ Outback with the suitesisters
❤ Coffee
❤ Spotify
❤ Florence + The Machine
❤ A’s on all midterms!
❤ Coldstone
❤ Gazing at Tiffany’s diamonds
❤ Panera
❤ Giving (and receiving!) compliments
❤ “This is effing flax!!”
❤ My parents and grandparents
❤ Sunday 6 miles in Central Park
❤ Scarf and tights weather
❤ Coldplay at Rockefeller Center!

Emily ❤

Question: What has been making you smile?

One response to “Things I Love Thursday XXXII.

  1. Glad you’ve been having a good time, hope you had a lovely weekend!
    Yay for singing in the car and coffee ❤
    Definitely with you on the parents, I miss them so much but I know this just means I'm lucky to have such a wonderful family!
    Well done on your midterms 🙂

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