Weekly Recap

A lot has happened in a week! In case you didn’t gather from last week’s post, I went to see Coldplay at Rockefeller Center last Friday! We got a total of approximately 1 hour of sleep but it was definitely worth it.

Getting through the day’s classes and everything was a struggle but nothing a pumpkin spice latte couldn’t handle.

Later on in the day we helped out at the men’s soccer game by barbecuing and giving away awesome ear warmers.

After the game we all went to a step show and then Lizzy and I hung out for a while before I hit the pillow for a much needed 12 hours.

Saturday night we went out downtown but I have absolutely no pictures from the night. It was a lot of fun though!

Sunday was a laid back homework kind of day, but also an exciting day because I finally got an iPhone!

And Monday was full of meetings. I attended an event for Senator Richard Lugar via my internship, followed by our first College Republicans meeting which Councilman Dan Halloran attended and spoke at, followed by a student government floor meeting. I missed both of my classes (with permission), but my day was still extremely productive.

Tuesday was the men’s first basketball game against CW Post, STJ won 110-80!

Wednesday during the day I didn’t have to go into my internship so I worked from home and was able to squeeze in an awesome run! My friend Frank and I ran to the park and playground to swing on the swings.

In total we ran a little over 4 miles at a 7:45 pace! Speedy!

Later on was another men’s soccer game against Rutgers. We helped Redzone (STJ’s student government school spirit committee) with another giveaway, snazzy t-shirts for all the students!

This was the first time I saw St. John’s lose, but it was a really great game!

Yesterday was a school/gym/working from home internship day, nothing too exciting, and now that it’s Friday we’re getting ready for Halloweekend!

Can you guess what I’m being?

A Pan Am stewardess! I bought a hideous cheap dress and used my sewing skills to make a skirt. I also took advantage of my art class’s supplies to make a pin.

If you’re celebrating Halloween have fun and be safe!

Emily ❤

Question: What are you doing/being for Halloween?


One response to “Weekly Recap

  1. I am being a witch, as usual. No costume needed.

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