World Traveler

Ciao from Italia! My winter has been full of travels from NYC for New Year’s Eve, to Melbourne Beach and Orlando to visit my grandparents and run the Disney World Half-Marathon, to Rome for the start of a new semester.


On New Year’s Eve I went down to the city to visit Danielle and celebrate the end of a very successful year and the beginning of what promises to be an exciting new chapter.


On the 4th I headed down to Melbourne Beach to spend a week in the beautiful sunshine and run 13.1 miles through Disney World. I’m actually not a huge fan of the “magic” that Disney perpetuates, but I did have a fantastic time running through Magic Kingdom and despite not training, I finished pretty painlessly in about 2:30. (Huge thank you to my grandparents for everything! I love you!)


After being home for just one full day, I headed off to Rome to start the new semester. My parents and I had to leave at 5:00am on Thursday to drive down to New York to pick up my passport and visa from the St. John’s Queens campus before having lunch. After that, they dropped me off at the airport for my 5:30pm flight. I knew a few students on the flight and besides not being able to sleep, the eight hour flight wasn’t too bad. It was about 8:00am when we got to Rome and once Danielle arrived, she, Chris, and I went exploring in our new neighborhood. Without a real plan, we ended up stumbling upon Vatican City which, by the way, is gorgeous. After walking back to our building and having some delicious pizza for dinner, Danielle, Chris, and I went out again with with our friend Giuseppe and his roommate and a few other people we had met. Without a plan once again, we somehow ended up at the Spanish Steps and had a beautiful view of the city at night. We went into Trinita Dei Monti, the church at the top of the steps, to say a prayer for safe travels throughout Europe. On the walk back, we stopped at a restaurant for some gelato and vino before finding our way back home. Accounting for the time change, I had been up for nearly 40 hours by the time my head hit the pillow!

Today we were up early to attend a mandatory orientation (which wasn’t as awful as it sounds), followed by some more free time to explore, followed by an Italian cultural lecture to help us get acquainted with our new city (again, it doesn’t sound too exciting but our lecturer, Gianni, had us laughing the entire time).

So, Rome thus far has been beautiful, delicious, exciting, and exhausting. More pictures and updates to come!

Emily ❤

Question: Have you ever been to Rome? This is my first time in Rome (and Italy for that matter), the only European country I’ve actually ever been to is France!


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  1. Thanks for the update, sounds like you have had a wonderful start to your new adventures.. Love You, Gma & Gpa

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