Lessons Learned In Rome: Part 1

1.) The food is exceptional. (Duh, right?)

The only food flop I’ve had was a tomato and mozzarella sandwich that actually turned out to be a smoked salmon and mozzarella sandwich. That was an awful and unexpected surprise for a vegetarian. And that brings me to lesson number 2.

2.) If you’re at all unsure of what something is, ask.

From my experience, Italians love to answer questions and will usually try to give you the best option. This is especially true in restaurants and pharmacies where the waiter will suggest the best dish or wine on the menu or the pharmacist will offer you the least expensive solution to your sore throat and sleeplessness (which turns out to be Vick’s Medinait). Unlike the pharmacies in the US, pharmacists here have more freedom to offer health advice if you can describe your symptoms well enough. They are even able to write prescriptions.

3.) You will meet people from everywhere.

We’ve been here for  little over a week and we’ve made friends with other American students, plenty of Italians, and students from England. Hopefully this will come in handy if we travel to the UK this semester.

4.) Italians will park wherever their cars will fit.

It’s not uncommon to see cars parked partially on the sidewalk or wedged into a space in some other seemingly impossible way. There’s no way cars in New York would get away with this without a hefty ticket.

5.) 12 oz. is considered a medium drink.

This is good to know when you’re trying to caffeinate yourself in the morning. It’s also good to know that the Italian’s version of American coffee (caffe Americano) is espresso mixed with hot water, not the typical drip coffee that most Americans are familiar with.

Ciao, Emily ❤


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