Rome Photo Scavenger Hunt

The faculty here at the St. John’s University Rome campus created a photo scavenger hunt throughout the city for the undergraduate students. First prize wins dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe, and second prize wins gelato from the gelateria across the street from campus. Here is what our group (The Photobombers) came up with:


1. Roman Fashion

2. Native Roman

3. Tourist

4. Roman Animal


5. Favorite thing to do in Rome

6. Favorite Food

7. Favorite mode of transportation

8. Favorite place in Rome


9. How Princess Ann and Joe Bradley get around Rome during their holiday

10. The first church that Robert Landon thinks is where the Illuminati will make their move

11. Where Maximus must battle with a tiger

12. What Sylvia wears on her head while walking around at night with Marcello


13. Building that used to serve as the Pope’s fortified fortress when Rome was under attack

14. Fountain that features statues that personify the 4 major rivers of the world

15. Famous staircase in Rome that was modeled after the steps leading up to the Sacre-Coeur basilica in Paris

16. Fountain statue that depicts Moses with horns on his head 


17. Barista

18. Daniele De Rossi

19. Carabinieri

20. Una Suora

There was a VIP question which asked for a picture of the keyhole through which you can see St. Peter’s basilica, but we were unable to get that one. We sent Giuseppe and Chris to go find it which simply proves that you can’t rely on boys for anything. Joking aside, we had fun participating in the scavenger hunt and ended up learning a lot more about Rome than if we had just done the usual sightseeing. We find out the results on Wednesday, so fingers crossed until then!

Ciao, Emily ❤


3 responses to “Rome Photo Scavenger Hunt

  1. We sent Giuseppe and Chris to go find it which simply proves that you can’t rely on boys for anything

    ^amen Em, amen.

  2. Good luck! Miss you!

  3. Good Luck!! Looks like a winner to me. Love

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