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Ciao Rome, Hola Seville

I’ve left Rome behind me and am now enjoying sunny Seville!

After a series of flight delays on Thursday, we finally made it to our “campus” at around midnight. We got settled and eventually crashed before waking up early for orientation. Following the presentation on rules and guidelines for the next five weeks, we split into groups to visit our academic service learning sites. The Spanish class that I am enrolled in allows me to go to a local high school and help teach the students there English. In Rome, the academic service learning that I partook in was at a local soup kitchen and while it was a great experience, I’m much more excited to have this opportunity at the high school.

Today, we went on a walking tour around Seville and to the historical center of the city. To be completely honest, I had relatively low expectations of Spain but fell in love with the blue skies, sunshine, and warm weather!

So how does Seville measure up against Rome? Here are some observations so far:

The weather is much nicer!
Spanish food is less vegetarian friendly.
Our location in Seville isn’t as great as our location was in Rome.
Despite our location, our rooms are good and we have private bathrooms.
The city is more drive-able than Rome.
The cars are bigger.
The helado isn’t as good as gelato.
Clothes, shoes, etc. are less expensive.
Less people speak English.
Unlike in Rome, it’s not uncommon to see people run/jog and ride bikes.
The service learning opportunity is more interesting.
The people are more laid back.

Adios, Emily ❤


Colosseum & Miscellania

So we finally made it to the inside of the Colosseum on Thursday!

After we walked around inside we took a break near the Arch of Constantine and then continued on to explore the ruins.

We took the metro back from the Colosseum and when the train pulled into the station we were deliberately bumped into and distracted by gypsies while other gypsies stuck their hands in our pockets and tried to get into our bags. Fortunately we were extremely alert  and, as New Yorkers, more confrontational than perhaps a group of touristy girls from Wyoming. From start to finish, the whole ordeal lasted at most 10 seconds and the gypsies left startled and empty-handed. It was a terrifying experience, but a good reminder that you can never let your guard down.

Danielle and I had planned on going to Florence for the weekend, but with snow in the forecast we cancelled and instead went out to dinner last night with a group of about 20 people.

Danielle took the amazing picture of the Pantheon above!

For 15€ at Miscellania we got salad/bruschetta, bread, pasta, pizza, unlimited red and white wine, and ice cream and strawberry wine for dessert. Talk about a good deal!

We were planning on going out afterwards, but since there are no plows or shovels in Rome and everyone’s feet were soaked and freezing, we ended up coming home instead. Even without doing anything after dinner, we had an awesome night.

Ciao, Emily ❤

Tidbits of Rome

I haven’t posted in a few days, but that’s mostly because we haven’t done anything extremely interesting and I haven’t taken many pictures.

On Wednesday morning, we attended a Papal Audience with Pope Benedict XVI in the Paul VI Audience Hall. It wasn’t as much a religious ceremony like I had expected, but more of an informal while still very respectful event.

After we got back to campus on Wednesday, we found out the results for the photo scavenger hunt and while we didn’t win the contest overall, we did win “best photo” and free gelato thanks to this picture from the Pantheon:

Other than that, we’ve pretty much just been studying and enjoying Rome.

We went to Ottimo last night for dessert and by default ordered the incredible chocolate lava cakes:

Today we had plans to go with the school to Tivoli, but when we made it downstairs this morning we were greeted with the news that because of the snow (yes, snow) the trip was cancelled.

Instead our advisor, Domenico, took us all out to breakfast. I’d say that was worth waking up early for.

I’ve started posting my videos on my YouTube channel if you’re interested in watching! Most of them are just random bits and pieces of our days here, nothing too serious.

Ciao, Emily ❤